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Tough comes from within.

The Amarok. Attractive, isn’t she? But let’s face it, appearances don’t count for much when it comes to a work ute. That’s why we’ve made sure that tough isn’t an optional extra. With the Amarok: tough comes from within.

Explore the Amarok range.

With either a dual or single cab, you have a choice of two 2.0L diesel engines. There’s the TDI340 turbo with 103kW and 340Nm of torque. The TDI400/TDI420 Bi-Turbo with 132kW and 400Nm with the 6-speed manual, or 420Nm with the silky smooth 8-speed automatic.

Tough to ignore.

Strong conditioning as standard.

Strong conditioning as standard

The Amarok features extremely strong underbody protection on 4x4 models for extra security when off-roading. Pat Callinan knows more than most how important that peace of mind can be. He has criss-crossed Australia off-road more times than he can remember. The ‘tough as nails’ Amarok is his off-roader of choice. He understands that no matter where your journey takes you, Amarok has the mettle to get you through.

Tough is never an optional extra.

Take away the stylish grille, the shiny panels and the chrome badge, and you’ll find the German engineering that puts the Amarok in a class of its own. The Amarok doesn’t just have a lot of character on the outside, there’s plenty of personality under the bonnet too. And it all comes together to make a ute that’s built to bully the beaten track – on and off.

Take down any terrain

The Selectable 4x4 all-wheel drive on manual models distributes 50% of the engine output between the front and rear axles to ensure reliable traction on challenging terrain. With Permanent 4x4, which is standard on 4x4 automatic models, power is generally distributed between the front and rear axles 40:60. When driving on loose surfaces the Torsen differential automatically distributes power to driven wheels with the most traction.

Intelligent off-road mode
Intelligent off-road mode
Ready for the rough stuff

The Amarok has an intelligent ‘off-road’ button that sets up the vehicle for off-road driving. The off-road functions activated include Hill Descent Control, and recalibrated ABS settings that improve performance on dirt, and reduce the stopping distance on loose surfaces.

Hill Start and Hill Descent Control
The hills have no chance

The Hill Start system prevents the Amarok from rolling backwards when starting on steep inclines. The Hill Descent Control system, within off-road mode, automatically brakes individual wheels to allow a safe and controlled descent down a hill, even without engine braking.

Approach and departure angle and wading depth
Approach and departure angle and wading depth
Makes molehills out of mountains

From steep hills to snaking creeks, the Amarok can master extremely challenging terrain. It has an impressive approach angle of 28° and a departure angle of 23.6° for Amarok models without bumper – as well as a wading depth of up to 500mm. Plus, strong protection under the vehicle ensures the Amarok can forge a safe path. (Standard on Highline and Executive, not available on Comfortline).

Mechanical differential lock
A flying start even when you’re off-road

The mechanical differential lock makes taking off in adverse, off-road conditions much easier. When the going gets tough you can rely on this standard diff-lock, which mechanically locks the rear wheels to ensure maximum traction in any condition.

Mechanical differential lock

Rugged on the outside, refined within.

Both the interior and exterior of the mighty Amarok have been designed with one thing in mind: to conquer this country’s tough landscapes, and work days. Whether your work requires you to be off-road or on-site, you'll do it comfortably in the Amarok.

Load area
Load area
The widest loading area in its class

With the widest load tray in its class, the Amarok is built for the heavy lifting. The whopping 1222mm between the wheel arches makes it the only dual-cab ute in Australia that can accommodate a full-size pallet, and the fact that the tough tailgate can cope with loads up to 250kg, proves the Amarok will take the brunt of the most extreme workloads.

Those who work hard deserve some comfort

However tough your work may be, nothing will shake you in the Amarok. The cabin of the Amarok has been designed with you mind. With adjustable front seats, uncomplicated but clever dashboard, multifunction leather steering with multifunction display and practical stowage pockets to keep your Amarok tidy, it’s got everything you need.

Rugged good looks

The Amarok doesn’t just perform like a beast, it looks like one, too. The Amarok comes with a host of exterior features designed to reflect its on-road and off-road capabilities. High strength steel throughout the chassis and body provide a robust platform, while hi-tech features such as the Bi-Xenon headlights pave the path ahead; they also light up the faces of passers-by.

Entertainment on tap.

No matter how long a shift you pull in your Amarok, it’s going to feel like a lot shorter thanks to the radio and navigation systems, which help you keep track of where you are even on difficult terrain – and keep you entertained at the same time.

RCD320 Radio System
Off the beaten soundtrack

The standard audio system features a CD player, SD card reader, Aux-in socket, USB input for your iPod and Bluetooth compatibility. Sound is delivered via 4 speakers on Single Cab and 6 speakers on Dual Cab models.

RCD320 Radio System
RNS315 Satellite Navigation/ Multimedia
RNS315 Satellite Navigation/ Multimedia
Access to the path less travelled

Standard on the Amarok Highline, the RNS Navigation system features a 5" touch screen, SD card reader and Aux-in socket. It also displays dual-zone climate control and parking sensor and rear view camera functions.

Rear View Camera
See what’s behind you, in front of you

Whether reversing out of a busy parking lot or trying to squeeze into a tricky spot, an extra set of eyes is always handy. The rear view camera displays a live picture on your screen that shows what’s behind you and dynamic guidance lines, which all come together to make reversing safer and easier.

Rear View Camera

Safety in spades.

Loaded with driver aids – some standard, some optional – the Amarok will help make you a better and safer driver on-road and off-road.

5 star ANCAP Safety Rating
Safety comes as standard

With the 5 star safety rating you can feel at ease on any journey knowing the extensive safety equipment in every Amarok will minimise the risk of harm.

Off-road ABS
Improved safety on unpredictable terra

The off-road ABS reduces the stopping distance on loose surfaces at the press of a button. When this function is activated the braking interval is increased; the wheels lock up in a controlled manner so that material from the ground, such as gravel or sand, build up in front of each wheel, reducing the stopping distance.

Trailer stabilisation
Safety built-in as standard

The trailer stabilisation complements the electronic stabilisation program. When fitted with a genuine wiring harness, if your trailer starts to fluctuate heavily, the system slows it down by means of controlled braking and reduced engine torque – steadying the trailer and increasing driving safety.


TDI engine
Award-winning technology

Volkswagen’s cutting-edge turbo-injected TDI engine with diesel particulate filter features common rail technology that injects precise amounts of fuel at extremely high pressure. This results in impressive torque and performance.

Efficient and powerful.

With the Amarok’s economical engines as well as packing a ton of power, you can easily master all your day-to-day challenges.

Power 340 Nm @3500rpm
Fuel Economy 7.5 Litres per 100km'
Oomph as standard
Available on the Amarok 4x2 manual, the TD1340 is a 2.0-litre, 4 cylinder turbo engine that produces 103kW of power at 3500rpm2.
Power 400 Nm @4000rpm
Fuel Economy 7.9 Litres per 100km'
Meet the beast


Boasting a Bi-Turbo with up to 132kW and 400Nm of torque2, the TDI400 delivers an impressive amount of grunt. 
Power 420 Nm @1750rpm
Fuel Economy 8.3 Litres per 100km'
Some more grunt

The 2.0L Bi-Turbo TDI420 produces 132kW of power at 1750rpm, which delivers quick performance, good fuel efficiency2 and strong towing capability.


Explore the range.

Whatever your driving style, and however you put your Amarok to work, there’s one made just for you.

4x2 Dual Cab

1.1 tonne payload† Largest tray in its class Composition Media audio with App-Connect°

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Core Plus 4x4 Dual Cab

Black sports bar 17" Alloy wheels Front Fog Lights

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Core 4x4 Dual Cab TDI 400

1 tonne payload† Rear Park Distance Control, Rear View Camera (RVC)¥ 16" Alloy wheels with ATR Pirelli tyres

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V6 Sportline

8 Speed Auto 18" "Manaus" Alloy Wheels 165kW V6 engine with overboost function 332mm front and 300mm rear disc brakes

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V6 Highline

8 Speed Auto LED headlights with LED DRL's Stainless Steel Sports Styling Bar Stainless Steel Side Steps

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Core Plus 4x4 Dual Cab TDI420

Black sports bar 17" Alloy wheels Front Fog Lights

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V6 Dark Label

18" ''Rawson'' Anthracite Alloy Wheels Matte Black Styling Bar and Side Steps Vienna Leather Seats

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V6 Ultimate

580Nm of Torque 165kW V6 engine with overboost function 20" "Talca" Anthracite Wheels

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