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A lot goes into our Multivan.

The Multivan has been the perfect travel companion for over 65 years, accompanying drivers through the endless demands of everyday life and leisure time. Versatility, quality and perfection right down to the smallest detail – this is what makes the Multivan so enticing.

A multitude of Multivans.

The Multivan comes in four variants differing in engine size, wheelbases and features. All four variants are Diesel DSG.

An eye catcher from any angle.

Designed like no other.

Make a statement. The Multivan stands out – outside and inside – thanks to its striking design and innovative interior.

Fortune favours the bold design

Precise lines and powerful contours define the Multivan’s distinct shape and bold design, which all come together to create an appearance that people won’t forget in a hurry.

Mother of multitaskers

No matter what you have in mind for your Multivan, it’s got you covered. With its ultra-configurable cabin space, the versatile Multivan is ready for whatever you throw at it. (Image shown of Multivan Highline).


Whatever you need it to be.

Flexibility comes standard. Offering a versatile cabin space for up to seven people, you can configure your Multivan to bend to your particular needs.

Seat rail system
Seat rail system
Arrange your space to meet your needs

Stretch your legs or pack more luggage. Thanks to the innovative seat rail system all seats in the passenger area, plus the convenient multifunction table, if you have one, can be repositioned. (Multifunction table optional on Comfortline models).

Captain's chairs
Mobile boardroom

Multivan captain’s chairs easily swivel on their base to face either forwards or backwards. They also feature armrests and child-seat anchor points.

Captain's chairs
Multifunction table
Multifunction table
A handy table included

This table not only provides a handy round surface, but also several drawers for small and large utensils. When not in use, the table turns and lowers into the base. (Available as an option for Comfortline, standard on Highline and Executive).

Integrated child booster seat
A boost to time-saving

The captain’s chairs with armrests can be changed from a standard seat – with a three-point safety belt – into a seat with a child’s booster seat – all without breaking a sweat. (Available as an option).

Integrated child booster seat
Electric 12-way seat adjustment
Electric 12-way seat adjustment
Well-adjusted electronic seats

Adjust the front seats, in terms of lumbar support, backrest tilt, seat height, seating surface tilt and length and heating, at the press of a button – with the ability to save three configurations. (Standard on Highline and Executive, not available on Comfortline).

Power sliding doors
Let it slide

Equipped with a number of electronic trapping protectors, the sliding doors are easy to operate using either the remote control or a button in driver’s cab. (Available as an option on Comfortline in conjunction with power latching tailgate. Standard on Highline and Executive).

Power sliding doors
Automatic opening and closing tailgate
Automatic opening and closing tailgate
Look, no hands

The electronic tailgate, with programmable opening angle, can be opened and closed via the Multivan’s ignition key. Sensor strips prevent the door from closing on your fingers. (Standard on Highline and Executive; not available on Comfortline).

Cooling/warming box
For your soup or soft drink

Used to cool and warm the contents. The optional 32L insulating box can hold 1.5L bottles lying down, and 1L bottles standing up. (Available as an option).

Cooling/warming box

Smart and practical.

The Multivan isn’t only super practical, it also has the brains to match. It’s packed full of technology that will help make driving a pleasure, every ride.

The apps from your phone in your car

Control your smartphone’s screen, selected apps, maps, and music through App-Connect on your console’s touchscreen – using Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ interfaces.

Composition Media radio system
Multimedia for a Multivan

Consists of a 16.5cm TFT colour display, touchscreen with proximity sensor, MP3 and WMA CD drive, six loudspeakers, SD-­card slot, an AUX-IN interface, a USB port and a Bluetooth connection.

Discover Media navigation system
More media than ever

The Discover Media Satellite Navigation System* brings all the features from Composition Media plus more, including navigation.(Optional on Comfortline models).

Volkswagen Voice and Media Control
There’s more than one way to control your entertainment

With Voice Control you can use your phone, navigation, and audio functions without taking your hands off the steering wheel. Alternatively, with Media Control, you can use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control for the navigation system, audio system.(Optionally available on Comfortline models).

Volkswagen Voice and Media Control

Rear View Camera
Don't look back

A camera built-in to the tailgate of your vehicle that lets you spot any obstacles behind you quickly and easily, helping with reversing.

Made to go the distance and for its passengers.

Multivans are built to go the distance. But the most important thing over that distance is the comfort and safety of the driver and passengers. That’s why each vehicle is packed with, both standard and optional, driver assistance technology.

Driver Fatigue Detection
Alert you if you're nodding off

The system continually evaluates steering movements and other signals, and if fatigue is detected, recommends a break. (Standard on Highline and Executive models. Not available on Comfortline).

Eight airbags
Eight airbags
The ultimate in protection

The Multivan has airbags for the driver and front passenger, as well as side and head airbags. Curtain airbags provide protection for passengers in the rear for short wheelbase models.

4MOTION all-wheel drive
Gain some traction

The 4MOTION all-wheel drive coupling ensures excellent traction, optimal handling and steering response and dynamics. (Available for Highline TDI450 model only).

Electronic Stabilisation Program (ESP)
Electronic Stabilisation Program (ESP)
A good steer

Helps you stay in some control by preventing understeer or oversteer via targeted braking of individual wheels.

Front Assist with City Emergency Brake
Stay on the front foot

A radar sensor detects when the distance of vehicles in front are critical. It alerts you, as well as prepares the vehicle to be more responsive for emergency braking, as well as brings you to a complete stop if need be.(Only available on Multivan Highline and Executive).

Front Assist with City Emergency Brake

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
Smart cruising

Adapts your Multivan’s speed to that of the car driving in front and maintains the distance set by the driver. At the same time, it remains within the set speed.(Only available on Multivan Highline and Executive).

Electronic differential lock
Stay in control

When cornering, it responds to the load relief at the front wheel on the inside of a corner. This improves traction and reduces the tendency to understeer.

Electronic differential lock

Multi-collision brake
Multi-collision brake
Prevent follow-on collisions

When the airbag sensors detect a collision, this state-of-the-art system applies the brakes to slow down the vehicle so that a secondary impact will be lessened or avoided. During braking, the hazard and brake lights are illuminated and remain activated. The driver can take over at any time.


BlueMotion Technology
Better for your engine and your wallet

BlueMotion Technology lowers fuel consumption and reduces emissions. It comes from our ‘Think Blue.’ concept: to develop fuel-efficient vehicles that place less burden on the environment over their entire lifetime.

Start/Stop system
Pulls out all the stops on economy

Automatically stops the engine when you come to a standstill, cutting back on fuel consumption, and then starts again on take-off.

Make it your own.

With a ton of accessories to choose from, you can personalise your Multivan to be just right for you and the job you need it for.

Roof bars and box
Get carried away

For that sneaky weekend away or weekend helping a mate move, Volkswagen genuine roof bars and box will help carry the load.

Tablet holder and coat hanger
A place for everything

With these nifty accessories you’ll be able to keep the inside of your Multivan tidy and free of clutter.

Slimline weather shields
Rain won’t stand a chance

Protecting yourself and passengers against the elements while still letting fresh air into your Multivan.

The Multivan Black Edition.

Meet the classic multitasker that combines sleek good looks with refinement. It’s all attitude on the outside with its premium black styling, and luxurious comfort on the inside.

A strong, bold new look

The Multivan Black Edition leaves a lasting impression with its black roof, 'Edition' decals on the side and tailgate, and black 18" 'Springfield' alloy wheels. And its LED headlamps with daytime running lights and dark-tinted tail lamps command attention from every angle.

Exceeds even the highest standards

With flexible seat configurations set to your liking, electric tailgate, wood effect flooring and Special Edition cloth interior trim, the Multivan Black Edition is a cut above the rest.

Low consumption, high power.

The new generation of engines offers low fuel consumption – without dampening driving pleasure.

Power 103 kw @3500rpm
Fuel Economy 7.7 Litres per 100km
Available in Comfortline

TDI340 with 103kW of power and 340Nm of torque

Power 150 kw @4000rpm
Fuel Economy 6.5 Litres per 100km
Available in Highline and Executive

TDI450 with 150kW of power and 450Nm of torque. Fuel consumption figure of 6.5 is for 7-speed DSG.


Find your Multivan match

Whatever your driving style, and however you put your Multivan to work, there’s one made just for you.

Comfortline SWB

Composition Media audio with App-Connect Rear View Camera (RVC)¥ Seating for 7 with up to 5 child seat anchor points

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Comfortline LWB

Composition Media audio with App-Connect Rear View Camera (RVC)¥ Seating for 7 with up to 5 child seat anchor points

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Highline SWB

Discover Media Satellite Navigation with App-Connect LED headlights with LED DRL's Front Assist with City Emergency Braking¥

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"Executive" LWB

Discover Media Satellite Navigation with App-Connect? LED headlights with LED DRL's Front Assist with City Emergency Braking¥

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Discover Media Satellite Navigation with App-Connect? LED headlights with LED DRL's Front Assist with City Emergency Braking¥

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